My PT told me to ‘Foam Roll’, but why and how?

Foam Rolling – what is it?

Foam rolling is a fairly new phenomenon but is becoming increasingly popular, as it is easy to use, more convenient and less expensive than some other options. It is a form of self-massage. Formally known as myofascial release, we know that ‘massage’ is a hands on method conducted by professionals used to increase flexibility and release connective tissue (fascia), it can decrease pain and inflammation and promote blood flow to the areas of low blood flow such as the muscle-tendon interface (MacDonald et al. 2013). Foam rolling or self-myofascial release can provide similar outcomes. It involves using one’s own body weight to apply tension while rolling a foam roller (or other objects such as tennis balls) across a muscle group (Mohr, 2008) stretching the tissue and generating friction between the soft tissue of the body and foam roller (MacDonald et al. 2013). Read More

Instructor Goal Setting

Taking the time to do your own goal setting or create systems that will lead you towards success is important. The New Year is a great time to do it. You should address short term and long term goals and include ambitious objectives for all areas of your life. Check out this template specifically for instructors below.

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Class Connection Through Motivation

You can use class motivation techniques for greater participant connection. Most people are in your class to keep fit, but there are so many other psychological and social benefits that you can use to sell your class to them and connect with them too. Remind them of the benefits such as; improved cardiovascular fitness, flexibility, muscular fitness, endurance, speed, power, agility, fat burning, better coordination, better self esteem, confidence, stress management, weight control, socialising, fun, success, sense of achievement, quality of life, freedom from injury and acceptance. You can slip some of these themes into peak moments in a track.

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RollaFLEX: On a Roll to Recovery


RollaFLEX is a tension eliminating, mood enhancing, pre-choreographed group fitness class to music, that smoothes, lengthens and manipulates your muscles through foam rolling and yoga-inspired static stretching. The recovery, flexibility and performance boosting exercises will increase blood circulation, generate flow, improve posture, reduce scar tissue, increase range of movement and relax your muscles in the same way that your therapeutic practitioner does. Read More

BoxaBIKE: The Group Fitness Program

BoxaBIKE is a high-energy, pre-choreographed group fitness class to music that fuses boxing (with wrist weights) and stationary cycling, simultaneously. Combining upper and lower body conditioning, it is the ultimate low impact, cardio and resistance style class in one, and is suitable for all fitness levels. Results can be achieved rapidly on this endorphin-releasing ride. Read More