‘Thanks for an awesome BoxaBIKE class today. Rad idea packed with a great workout!!…and RollaFLEX yesterday was amazing!’

Voula Tangalidis, Gym Member

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Thank you for your interest in obtaining Division Ex group fitness programs in your club! Division Ex group fitness classes are unique, pre-choreographed group exercise programs suitable for all fitness levels. The classes immerse participants in engaging, paramount group fitness experiences and this can potentially transform and positively impact the health and fitness of your members and community. The best part is that you get to reap the rewards. By offering Division Ex classes on your club timetable you can increase club profitability, drive gym attendance among members, service more members through maximising space, provide a point of difference and improve retention rates. It is no secret that group fitness makes members accountable, increases enjoyment during exercise, creates community and provides support. However, Division Ex takes group fitness to the next level, providing instructor and program quality assurance. Our elite instructors all undertake the same advanced, comprehensive, specialised training in their selected program. A trusted format is strictly adhered to maintaining the program’s integrity, high standards, results and safety. By offering Division Ex programs, your members know what return they’ll get on their investment, this gives them confidence and security.

‘Amazing feedback from a member tonight in RollaFLEX; he went back to his long time physio after participating in RollaFLEX for about two months. His physio’s feedback was that it was the best condition she had ever seen him in. A lot less muscle knots in his back, better flexibility all over and better ranges of motion through his hips and shoulders. As someone who avoided stretching before, one RollaFLEX class a week has made a huge difference!’

Cate King, Instructor

‘Our members loved our demo (preview) class and keep asking when we are going to have this (these programs) on our timetable.’

Melissa Fraser, Club Owner

‘Proud to be a newly qualified Division Ex instructor. Such a professional company owned by two of the most inspiring real people.’


‘Thank you for the first Recovery and Stretch program. It was amazing and the benefits are going to be so incredible. Where was this program 15 years ago when I started GF (group fitness)? Another journey that I am proud to be a part of.’

Sharyn Paspa, Instructor

How It Works

Each individual fitness centre or location must hold a program licence to schedule Division Ex classes on the group fitness timetable. Clubs must have a suitable space to run the desired program(s) (suitability is at the discretion of Division Ex) and must acquire a class set of the necessary equipment or products for each program before offering Division Ex programs to members. For example, a class set of BoxaBIKE wrist weights are required to run BoxaBIKE classes and a class set of RollaFLEX foam rollers are required to run RollaFLEX classes. Fitness Centres wishing to offer Division Ex programs must adhere to Division Ex’s terms and conditions including the easy to implement Launch Plan. The Launch Plan aims to maximize class numbers right from the very beginning ensuring that the classes are marketed effectively and for a sufficient amount of time before commencement. Fitness Centres are not entitled to run Division Ex classes unless the instructors teaching the classes are qualified, regardless of the Fitness Centre’s licence. Instructor training workshops for specific Fitness Centre staff and/or contractors at specific locations can be organised. Contact Division Ex for more details info@divisionex.com. PDF of Terms and Conditions

‘Have to say they are the most informative and comprehensive notes I’ve had for any of my Courses over the years in Fitness. I’m so impressed with the detail and delivery of this program.’

Susan Bonnar, Instructor

‘I’m just blown away by the RollaFLEX concept! Really enjoying going through all that excellent course material.’

Carole Shield, Instructor

‘Honestly the best workshop team I’ve ever been in!’

Amanda Lenny, Instructor

‘BoxaBIKE is the best group fitness class that has come out in a long time.’

Lucas Bugeja, Club Owner

‘I did BoxaBIKE and it was so inspiring. Amazing program…’

Paul Kenny, Instructor

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