What is It?

BoxaBIKE is a high-energy, pre-choreographed group fitness class to music that fuses* boxing (from the bike with wrist weights) and stationary cycling. Combining upper and lower body conditioning, it is the ultimate low impact, cardio and resistance style class in one, and is suitable for all fitness levels. Real results can be achieved rapidly on this endorphin releasing ride.

* We do not box and cycle at the same time – safety first!

‘Really enjoyed your exciting new (BoxaBIKE) program.’

Annamarie Stephenson

‘I did BoxaBIKE and it was so inspiring. Amazing program…’

Paul Kenny

Additional Information

Frequent and continual attendance is required for optimal results. It is recommended that participants work between 60% and 90% of their maximum heart rate.

Water bottles, sweat towels and determination are essential. BoxaBIKE cycling pants are optional, grab a pair here.

What is It?

RollaFLEX is a mood enhancing class, that lengthens your muscles through foam rolling and yoga-inspired stretching. The recovery, flexibility and performance boosting exercises will increase blood circulation, reduce scar tissue and increase range of movement. It is an essential addition to any training regime.

‘Thank you for the first Recovery and Stretch program. It was amazing and the benefits are going to be so incredible. Where was this program 15 years ago when I started GF (group fitness)? Another journey that I am proud to be a part of.’

Sharyn Paspa

‘Last week I attended a RollaFLEX class in Morwell and it was amazing.’

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Frequent and continual participation in a RollaFLEX class straight after a workout is recommended for optimal results. However you will still reap the rewards of RollaFLEX if attended separately or at any time of day. Remove your shoes and wear warm, comfortable clothing. Water bottles and towels are necessities and yoga mats are optional. Check out our unique RollaFLEX mats here.