We are an Australian company specialising in all things ‘group fitness’.

It is our mission to create unique pre-choreographed group exercise programs (and products) suitable for all fitness levels and experience that are simple for instructors to learn and teach, while still immersing participants in an engaging, paramount group fitness experience, potentially transforming, training or improving every part of their lives and body.  

‘Proud to be a newly qualified Division Ex Instructor. Such a professional company owned by two of the most inspiring real people.’

Group Fitness Instructor, Genesis Fitness

For Clubs

By offering Division Ex classes on your club timetable you can increase club profitability, drive gym attendance among members, service more members through maximising space, provide a point of difference and improve retention rates. It is no secret that group fitness makes members accountable, increases enjoyment during exercise, creates community and provides support. However, Division Ex takes group fitness to the next level, providing instructor and program quality assurance. 

Our elite instructors all undertake the same advanced, comprehensive, specialised training in their selected program. A trusted format is strictly adhered to maintaining the program’s integrity, high standards, results and safety. By offering Division Ex programs, your members know what return they’ll get on their investment, this gives them confidence and security. 

Each individual fitness centre or location must hold a program licence to schedule Division Ex classes on the group fitness timetable. Register for a licence here. Clubs must have a suitable space to run the desired program(s) (suitability is at the discretion of Division Ex) and must acquire a class set of the necessary equipment or products for each program before offering Division Ex programs to members. 

Fitness Centres wishing to offer Division Ex programs must adhere to Division Ex’s terms and conditions including the easy to implement Launch Plan. The Launch Plan aims to maximize class numbers right from the very beginning ensuring that the classes are marketed effectively and for a sufficient amount of time before commencement. Fitness Centres are not entitled to run Division Ex classes unless the instructors teaching the classes are qualified, regardless of the Fitness Centre’s licence.

For Instructors

Division Ex programs are perfect for instructors looking to expand their skill set and increase their earning potential. However, the training courses ensure that all instructors can confidently teach their desired program(s) on completion, regardless of their prior experience, providing that they hold the necessary pre-requisites.   

Division Ex offers affordable qualifications and involves simple ‘no-frills’ choreography making it easy to learn. Classes will appeal to instructors who have taught various other pre-choreographed programs but will also appeal to freestyle instructors as there is more room for individual flair. We encourage instructors to make the class their own.   

Division Ex highly encourages Personal Trainers to become qualified in Division Ex programs because we know that your clients will come to your classes! We offer perfect group fitness programs for trainers who are looking to add a group fitness class to their repertoire, but who have been put off by time-consuming choreography or fear they are lacking in coordination. It is a great way to give something back to your clients as they attend your class, they will also enjoy seeing you train with them. It is also a great way to pick up new clients and generate leads. Teaching a couple of Division Ex classes a week may even cover most of your Personal Training rent and it will keep you fit and healthy at the same time. 

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We currently offer two revolutionary group fitness programs.


BoxaBIKE is a high-energy, pre-choreographed group fitness class to music that fuses boxing** (from the bike with wrist weights*) and stationary cycling. Combining upper and lower body conditioning, it is the ultimate low impact, cardio and resistance style class in one, and is suitable for all fitness levels. Real results can be achieved rapidly on this endorphin-releasing ride.

**We do not box and cycle at the same time

‘It’s (BoxaBIKE) the highlight of my week!’

Olivia Goodman, Class Participant

Classes come in 45 and 30 minute formats.

*Class sets of BoxaBIKE wrist weights are required to run BoxaBIKE classes. Get some here.


RollaFLEX is a tension eliminating, pre-choreographed group fitness class to music, that smoothes, lengthens and manipulates your muscles through foam rolling* and yoga-inspired static stretching. The recovery, flexibility and performance boosting exercises will increase blood circulation, generate flow, improve posture, reduce scar tissue, increase range of movement and relax your muscles. However, it is not for the faint hearted! RollaFLEX is an essential addition to any training regime.

‘I can’t wait for the next one (RollaFLEX class)!’

Roya Mesbah, Class Participant

Classes come in 45 and 30 minute formats
*Class sets of RollaFLEX foam rollers are required to run RollaFLEX classes. Purchase here.